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Is this a diet?

What our Program offers goes far beyond simply "diet".  This is a lifestyle change.  Nutrition and Wellness is built upon the foundation of the individual and finds itself deep in the belief that in order to be a success, we have to be an active supporter of that individual; and that's what we do, actively support and offer accountability.

What is #TammyApproved?

#TammyApproved is what we use on our social media accounts in support of our program.  We, and our clients utilize it in support of the program and those involved with it.  

We will often post recipes that are #TammyApproved; clients will ask if certain things are #TammyApproved...etc.  We love hearing about #TammyApproved things!

Is this program simply for weight loss?

What we offer is one on one consultation for health and wellness.  Simply put, our program is not just for weight loss.  We offer nutrition and wellness consulting to athletes, members of the military, people with auto-immune diseases, etc.  Here at Nutrition and Wellness we believe firmly in helping everyone meet their own wellness goals.

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