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Kerry Hall


Nutrition is a vital part of our business at Nutrition & Wellness of Albany! As we grow, so does the need for talented and dedicated providers. Please help us welcome our newest Nutrition
Coach, Kerry Hall!  Kerry is from Albany and has always enjoyed living an active and healthy lifestyle! He grew up
playing baseball and also played for three years in college. During this time, he realized how important a good nutrition and fitness lifestyle is to a long, healthy active life. He desires to lead by example and become an inspiration for others. Kerry is a Certified Nutrition Coach with his Level 1 Nutrition Certification from Precision
Nutrition. He specializes in coaching clients to make healthier food choices consistently, in order to achieve their nutrition goals! He loves to see people healthier and happier after a lifestyle

Kerry will be seeing nutrition clients on Fridays (every other week) and weekly on Saturdays!

Kerry Hall, Nutrition Coach.jpg
Kerry Hall: Meet The Team
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